New stuffs and stuff.

So, we now have a sharing thingie installed at the bottom of the page, so you can show your friends my comics, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing. You can just drag the comic into a nifty little floating bar of social media malarkey. It’s kinda cool! Maybe.

Also, there is now a Squarecat Comics Facebook page. Which you can… like. If you’d like to like it. Come say hi!

And, I set up a Flickr page with a bunch of illustrations that haven’t made it to this site. Watercolors, superhero drawings, artsy stuff, eventually actual photos and stuff. Hope you like it!

Back from vacation

We’re back from a week in Cape Cod! Hopefully you enjoyed seeing new comics during the week. We shot them with our digital camera so I could post the first ever Squarecat vacation comics more or less as they occurred.

Maine Comics Arts Fest and a new Squarecat book!

Come see me on Sunday, May 23 at the Maine Comics Arts Festival! I will be debuting a new 96-page Squarecat compilation book all about our kitty, Moe. I will also have a bunch of new prints, some new buttons and maybe a few other surprises. So if you are anywhere near Portland, Maine, please come say hi.

Caught up!

Well, as caught up as possible, probably! Can you believe it?

What, it’s already August?

The year is cruising by, and we continue to record a song a week and do seven comics a week… even if they haven’t been posted as regularly… or, um, sometimes for weeks at a time. But those comics, they’re still being drawn! Thanks for checking in. Hopefully a more regular update schedule is in the near future.