time away = comixplosion

We went to see Matt’s parents this weekend and thusly could not record any musics. SO, now you will see a ton of comics have magically appeared on the site. And I still have four more to scan tomorrow! And I am almost caught up. And when we got back tonight, we recorded most of a new song, so we won’t be failing our 52 weeks challenge THIS week. Keep waiting, player haters!

Song #2!

It’s week #2 in our quest to record 52 songs in 52 weeks and we haven’t choked yet! Check out the latest song at our blog:
The Honorable Mentions

Our band!

Here’s a project that will be featured in the comic all the way through to 2009. It’s a little thing called “52 Songs 52 Weeks” and it is going to be insane. Or at least I will be at the end of it (so the comics should get really interesting…but I digress). Check out our blog site where you can download a brand new song by Matt and Jen!
The Honorable Mentions

OMG, did I take Comics Colon Blow??!

‘Cus I just dropped another load on my site. Oh yeeaahh….

I took a massive comics DUMP…

The 10-18th! OMG, I’m now only a mere 2 weeks behind!