57 Photographers…

57 Photographers…

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  1. Bren Collins says:

    Hey guys! The funniest thing happened yesterday… I found a copy of Johnny Raygun in a cardboard box of comics at a local grotty little bookstore! There was an old man behind the counter smoking directly in from of a “No Smoking by Order of Fire Marshall” sign, watching every little thing I did. Well I was down on my knees going through a cardboard box with “COMiCS” written on it in ballpoint pen. The comics weren’t standing up, but stacked in a pile, right? And at the very bottom, I discovered SHARDS OF BROKEN GLASS in the box, sticking up at every angle!

    Hey Kids, Comics! And Shards Of Broken Glass 🙂 But I gots me a “new” Johnny Raygun, so it was worth all the danger!

  2. Jen says:

    HAHAHAHA! Oh my God, that is awesome. “No Smoking by Order of Fire Marshall.” And wow, shards of glass. Hahaha.

    Matt says he would be happy to send you any Johnny Ragun comics that you don’t have, if you want!


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