Fluff Pants, ass pants

Fluff Pants, ass pants

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  1. poppylove says:

    I must confess… I sing to my dog… often.
    This one cracked me up, and yes, Moe needs anger management. Wot a biotch!

  2. Jen says:

    Oh man, I am so sorry. I really need to get better at taking care of the site. Just noticed that I hadn’t approved this. I am a dope. 🙁

    But, heh heh, all sheepishness and regrets aside, I used to sing to my dog (well, the family dog) all the time too! I even danced really horrible dances for her. I would to bend over and swing my arms back and forth and sing/hum/beatbox The Baby Elephant March and she would just lose her shit over it!!! There was barking, lots of barking. It drove her nuts. But in a good way. Dogs dig singing. Well, kind of. The dancing…not so much.

    What do you sing to your dog?

  3. poppylove says:

    Just random songs I make up spur of the moment-
    usually about what a great dog she is…. and yeah, she really seems to like it! She stares at me… or starts spinning in circles if the song is about getting her a treat!


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