Shrink wrappin’ on a Friday night!

Shrink wrappin’ on a Friday night!

Ralph got this awesome shrink wrap machine, and we were having him wrap all kinds of funny stuff in the shop. We got the idea to package a can of iced tea with twizzler and watch the fun happen. About an hour after we put this excellent package back in the drink fridge, a kid came out from the gaming room to buy some sweet, sweet nectar to take back to his Magic tournament. When he saw the free twizzler, he pretty much freaked out and couldn’t believe his good fortune. Ah, Friday nights at the comic shop. Jetpack Comics pretty much rules.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Oliver says:

    and for how much did Ralph screwed the boy?

  2. Jen says:

    $2 maybe? But that was a *deal* with the twizzler thrown in!!!

  3. Oliver says:

    mmm i don’t know the cost of each (iced ta, twizzler and shrink)
    In Mexico a friend screwed a child who was giving his Donkey Konga game(with the konga’s) and an American Chopper game in exchange for Mario Kart Double Dash for $10 dollars 100 pesos
    Did i say that the kid was 8 years old?


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