I hate spammers, but I love Free Comic Book Day

Hi everyone,

So, we switched off anonymous commenting because the amount of spam comments I was getting is just ridiculous. So now you have to register on this blog in order to comment, I think… I’m not exactly sure how it works. Since this isn’t hosted on wordpress, I think you have to register here, even if you have a wordpress account on another blog already. Sorry about that. If you want to comment, you can also certainly do so over at the Facebook Squarecat page. In fact, please do!

In other news, I will be appearing at Free Comic Book day at Jetpack Comics this May 7. It’s going to be awesome. I hope to debut a new book… we’ll see. Also, I should have a new mini-comic of some recent Squarecat highlights. And I’ve been working on some new paintings. I hope you’ll come say hi!


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